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Volume I, No 4, December, 1954.


Past summer, Professor Silvestri and Dr. Silvestri-Lapenna, made a roundtrip, including several Italian cities, in order to meet some of their colleagues, with a view to envisage the probability of extending the work of the national Association.

At Genoa, they discussed matters with Prof. Cesare Ardy, Director of the Diabetic Center of that city, and at Bologna with Prof. Sotgiu, Director of the Medical University Clinic and Dr. Eros Tolomelli, who for many years have been conducting a Diabetic Center, connected with the local clinic.

It is expected that before long, a branch of the Italian Association will come into being at Bologna, there being enough enthusiasm to materialize plans that have been fostered for quite some time.

At Turin, they attended a course of instruction for diabetics, conducted by Prof. Catullo Fiorio, head of the Maria Vittoria Hospital, who for many years has devoted himself to the interests of diabetics, meeting as well Dr. Bruno Bruni, so well known to all those being acquainted with his articles in the Italian "Giornale dei Diabetici".

A diabetic physician, Prof. Fiandaca, has stimulated the foundation of a local branch of the Italian Association, and both Professor and Doctor Silvestri, availed themselves of the opportunity to take part in a gathering at the Diabetic Center, at the hospital mentioned above.

Dr. Bruno Bruni has written a report in this meeting, gratefully commemorating the presence of these two people, that lead the movement in Italy. The election of the members of the Executive Council, had the following result:

Prof. Dr. Salvatore Fiandaca President
Prof. Dr. Mario Bonello Vice-President
Dr. Bruno Bruni Secretary-treasurer
Mrs. Giuseppina Pogliano Member
Dr. Pietro Bontardelli Member

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