- 29 -

The Local Advisory Comittee al the Congress, sponsored by the International Diabetes Federation, have the honour al inviting

Dr. Bruno Bruni, Torino.

to attend the reception, taking place on Manday, JuIy 7th, 1 952, in the Leyden University Building, directly after the opening ceremony.

Prof. Dr. F. S. P. van Buchem.

Dr.8. K. Boom.
Dr. C. den Hartog.
Prof.Dr.J. G. G. Borst.
Prof. Dr. S. E. de Jongh.
Prof. Dr. S. van Creveld.
Prof. Dr. C. D. de Langen.
Dr.M.Elzas. Prof. Dr. A. Querido
Dr. J. Groen.
Dr. J. J. C. P. A. Roovers.

Miss I-I.Th.M. Dröge.
Miss D. J. Ien Haaf.

- 29 -